Saleh Kashmar's production and supply chain

The director of this chain launched his career in 1981 with setting up a dairy farm of 100 original dairy cattle, which is still in operation and supplies milk and meat. The management established "Khorak Dam & Teuor & Abzian Saleh Kashmar" company in 1999 through manufacturing livestock concentrates; this company is currently one of the largest animal feed manufacturing factories in Iran. It should be noted that in 1999, the use of concentrates for livestock was not that common, and livestock farmers and dairy farmers faced many challenges for providing high-quality feed.

Pishro Saleh Kashmar Cultivation and Industry Company

In line with Saleh Kashmar's defined policies and in order to accomplish a production cycle, also in accordance with the country's policies, "Pishro Saleh Kashmar Cultivation and Industry" Company has been established on a 250-hectare land in 2009 (Its construction is still in progress).

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