Khadem al Reza Poultry Slaughterhouse

Khadem al Reza Industrial Poultry Slaughterhouse was established in 1997 and continued to grow and develop until 2016. This slaughterhouse which is located near Kashmar city, was first staffed with 41 employees covered by health insurance and had a slaughter capacity of 2000 pieces per hour 
In November 2016, the CEO of Saleh Kashmar Poultry Supply Chain-Mr. Qadir Salehi- and his Deputy Mr. Saeed Salehi, decided to purchase this poultry slaughterhouse from their partners in order to achieve the following goals:
  •  fulfil their production chain, 
  •  boost entrepreneurship in the region 
  •  improve their production levels. 
They immediately began to invest and rebuild the slaughterhouse. Currently, the number of personnel and health-insured employees of this slaughterhouse has raised to 112, and considering the ongoing investment and improvement of the production line machinery, this number will soon increase to 150 in the near future.
Moreover, due to the taken measures and investments, the slaughterhouse's slaughter and packing capacity has increased from 2000 to 4000 pieces per hour. Currently, the slaughter and packaging of turkeys, breeders, layers and packing of ostrich and quail meat, and also processing of chicken legs is carried out in this slaughterhouse.
Increasing capacity of chicken breeding in Saleh Kashmar required the upgrading of the cold storage systems and freezing tunnels of the slaughterhouse; so the CEO took appropriate measures to increase the capacity of freezing tunnels; consequently, the storage capacity of the slaughterhouse increased. Currently 15 tons of meat could be frozen in three tunnels of this slaughterhouse in a single working shift; then they could be transported and stored in its storage facilities with a capacity of approximately 400 tons.
Considering the region’s requirements, Khadem al Reza Slaughterhouse started further processing of chicken in 2018 after receiving the necessary permits from the Veterinary Organization of Khorasan Razavi. At present, the slaughterhouse has over 100 types of processed and packed products approved by the Veterinary Organization.
Another achievement of this slaughterhouse is processed oil and high-quality meat powder, which are respectively derived from fats and waste products extracted from the slaughter cycle.
Khadem al Reza slaughterhouse has over 4 hectares of lands surrounded by walls and fencing within its legal limits. 2 hectares of these lands are allotted to pomegranate and wheat farming.
Water refinery and treatment system of this slaughterhouse is located at the northeastern side of the slaughterhouse and adjacent to its agricultural lands. This slaughterhouse is considered as a green and non-polluting industry, whose approvals are received from the environmental organization. Also, the water requirements of the slaughterhouse's agricultural lands are supplied by the treated water.
The slaughterhouse is equipped with 5 Refrigerated trucks and nissans to transport its products, as well as 3 trucks for transporting the live poultry.