About us

The director of this chain launched his career in 1981 with setting up a dairy farm of 100 original dairy cattle, which is still in operation and supplies milk and meat. The management established "Khorak Dam & Teuor & Abzian Saleh Kashmar" company in 1999 through manufacturing livestock concentrates; this company is currently one of the largest animal feed manufacturing factories in Iran. It should be noted that in 1999, the use of concentrates for livestock was not that common, and livestock farmers and dairy farmers faced many challenges for providing high-quality feed. Successful production of bovine concentrates led to the acquisition of the title: "top producer of the country" in 2001. In 2003, the first poultry's feed production line was installed. Thanks to Saleh Kashmar's great efforts, it was able to produce very high quality feed which finally led to the promotion of using ready-made poultry's feed all over the country. In 2004, the company was able to get standard documentations for poultry and dairy cattle's feed and also the international ISO 9002 certification for livestock and poultry feed production for the first time-ever in Iran. In 2006 the company was awarded a title of "the top quality unit" by "Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran". In addition it was bestowed a title of "the top provincial Entrepreneur" by "Department of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare" in 2007

also in 2008 it was entitled as "the top regional manufacturer" by "Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of Khorasan Razavi Province". Considering the importance of products' packaging and the high volume of feed production in Saleh Kashmar's factories, as well as the concern about the lack of access to sacks in the region in the previous years, the Internal Commercial Department of Saleh Kashmar launched a sacks' sewing and printer line in September 2006. This line has the capacity of producing 30,000 PP and laminated bags with a variety of colors and weights per day; and it supplies requirements of not only Saleh Kashmar but also a number of other factories in the region. In 2009, the first line of Full Fat Soybean production was installed for the first time in the country. Birth of this product resulted in saving a lot of currency for the country. In 2011, the company established a new production line of mineral and vitamin supplements, a production line of flaked concentrate for domestics and also a production line of feed in the form of cubes. At the moment over 100 people are working directly in this factory. Saleh Kashmar Company's goal is to achieve high-quality products using the world's latest technology and knowledge. Thus, the company has been able to offer unrivaled products through employing specialists, collaborating with universities, supporting many student dissertations and implementing research and scientific projects. The company also has a well-equipped Quality Control Lab and a Research and Development Group (R & D), which is staffed with experts with doctoral, postgraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of livestock, poultry, chemistry and food industries. The company is currently designing appropriate plans according to national and regional requirements, which will be announced in the near future.