Saleh Kashmar's Milk Collection Center

Saleh Kashmar Milk Collection Center was established in 2011 in accordance with the management policies of Mr. Salehi to facilitate the collection and sale of milk produced by local farmers. This center was expanded in 2012 with the construction of the current building and facilities; currently 40 tons of milk is collected daily by this center and sent to dairy factories throughout the province such as Pegah, Khoshgavar, Golshad... The center is located on 3rd km of Khalil Abad Road (first of Zendejan Road) and has 3 stationary centers in Frutagheh, Quzhd and Neghab, as well as 3 portable stations in Kuh Sorkh, Eshrat-Abad, Momr Abad and Moghan.
According to the chief officer of Saleh Kashmar milk collection center, the main goal of establishing this center and its subsidiaries was to facilitate the delivery of livestock milk, milk purchase at its real price as well as the elimination of middlemen from the milk sales process. Also the farmers had the chance to be provided with their required animal feed at Ex work price, which finally led to increasing profit in raw milk production The raw milk collected by this center is tested and qualitatively analyzed by the health technician of Saleh Kashmar (Veterinary Organization Representative); the milk price is calculated on an average of monthly analysis and paid to the farmer in cash or it is bartered for feed concentrate.