Iran veterinary Organization's Vice-Chancellor in Supervision Affairs' visit to Saleh Kashmar Company

Dr. Abbas Abbasi, the Vice-Chancellor of the directorate-general for Supervision on Public Health & Food Hygiene in Veterinary Organization visited Saleh Kashmar Broiler chicken farm and animal feed factory on Thursday 2015/10/15 and closely monitored the company's activities and declared that: "Establishment of Supply Chains is a general objective of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, and fortunately some extent of chicken meat products' share has been dedicated to such chains in the past two years. He expressed his hope that in order to achieve high-safety products in chicken broiler and egg industry by means of rearing methods without the use of antibiotics and veterinary drugs, we would be able to take an effective step in healthy organic products' development in future. He said that currently a number of supply chains have started working all over country; he also added: In these chains, since all production factors are managed under the same management, supervision job for veterinary is much easier; and we could easily control and health-monitor the production cycle including day-old chicks, broiler breeders, animal feed, slaughterhouse, packing and transportation in distribution centers.