Opening of mechanization line in Zarin Tokhm Company’s egg packaging salon (27/08/19)

The opening ceremony of Zarrin Tokhm Co.’s egg packaging unit was held in Kashmar on 27/08/2019. In this ceremony, Mr. Sa’adat Alinia - deputy of animal production of Khorasan Razavi Agricultural Jihad Organization- said: “at the same time with Iran government week, 285 agricultural projects are put into operation in Khorassan province; these projects have 1,390 billon Rials credit and will create 1,202 job opportunities.”
He added: “in food section, four poultry supply chains and 3 meat and milk supply chains have come into operation and there are some efforts to put 12 other production chains into operation this year.”
He also said: "Undoubtedly, the more we cut out the middlemen, the cheaper the production will be and the more affordable it will be for the people."
In this meeting, Governor of Kashmar stated: Saleh Kashmar Co. is one of the deputies of Kashmar city which has been equipped with modern science.
"It is the government’s duty to support all manufacturing companies, and we will have the same support in our city," said Moslem Saghi.
At the end, the director of Agriculture Organization of Kashmar said: “88 billon Rials have been spent on the egg packaging unit of Zarrin Tokhm Co.
Mr. Abolqasem Mousavi said: This production chain is the first and largest production chain in the east of Iran and the 23rd registered chain in the country, including animal feed factory with a capacity of 250,000 tons per year, an industrial slaughterhouse with a capacity of 2,000 birds per hour and a Laying chicken mechanized packaging site with three separate houses covering an area of two thousand square meters.
He added: "Each house has 80,000 laying hens and produces 12 tons of eggs per day, which is 4380 tons per year. The eggs are exported to several markets and also countries of the European Union under Par Talaee, Nomel and Zarrin Tokhm commercial trade names.