Extruded Full Fat Soybeans (FULL FAT SOYBEAN)

Some of the systems used in soybean processing are roasting, micronizing, expanding, pelleting dry and wet extrusion, etc. Due to the significant variation within each soybean processing method, no one method has a certain advantage over the others in terms of end-product nutritional value and each of these methods has a different effect on the nutritional value of Soybean.
Among these methods the extrusion cooking, which is a high temperature & short time process, takes place at 150-160 ° C for 15-20 seconds and results in full fat soybean production. During this process, the anti-nutritional factors in soybeans decrease by 85%. Soybeans also contain a lot of oil that is not usable for animals. Extrusion releases oil from the cells exhausting it to the intercellular space and results in increasing energy density, as well as bringing a lot of vitamin E available to the animal. Soybean oil contains high levels of saturated and unsaturated W3 and W6 fatty acids.
Chemical composition of FULL-FAT SOYBEAN
 Substance Content % Substance Content %
 Dry Matter 92.9 Lysine 2.4
 Crude Protein 37-38 Methionine 0.54
 Crude Fat 18-20 Threonine 1.5
 Crude Ash 5.9 Methionine + Cysteine 1.09
 Metabolizable Energy for poultry kcal/kg 3800-4000 Vitamin A IU/KG 3200
 Metabolizable Energy for livestock mcal/kg 2.1-2.2 Vitamin E mg/kg 10
 Calcium 0.26 Linoleic Acid 9
 Phosphorus 0.5 NDF 12.9
 Potassium 1.65 ADF 7.2
 Sodium 0.0.5