Ewe Maintenance Concentrate

Feeding management is one of the most important factors that should be taken into consideration by stockbreeders. Good feeding before mating and during copulation season releases and fertilizes more eggs and causes fetus's growth. Moreover, well-fed ewes produce better milk and can feed more lambs. Well-fed ewes not only generate a lot of lambs per year, but also are healthier and more resistant to infections and diseases comparing to those ewes who have undergone stressful feeding. Feeding is the most considerable cost in sheep breeding farms. Therefore, using high quality concentrates and supplying livestock’s’ needs will result in making more money per ewe.
Recommended Use:
This concentrate has been produced for ewes maintenances. Slowly apply any changes in daily intake. To prevent acidosis, make fodder and straw available for the livestock
Start with 500 g per ewe and increase it to about 1kg within 10 to 16 weeks.
 Dry Matter %88
 Crude Fiber %8.5
 Crude Fat % 3.3
 Crude Protein %11.5-12
 Calcium %1.2
 Phosphorus %0.7
 NEG Mcal/kg1.3