Calf Starter Feed

Dairy farms’ success depends on heifer calves and their replacement with proper management and nutrition. One of the reasons for early weaning, besides reducing feeding costs, is achieve rumen development as early as possible; consequently, in order to supply calves’ nutrient requirements and improve growth rate, solid feed (pellets) consumption age has lowered in most dairy farms, including industrial dairy farms. Solid feed consumption, especially in pellet form, leads to rumen microbial population and fermentation; therefore, using these types of feeds promotes ideal calves’ growth rate.
proper and scientific use of starter feed guarantees calf rearing for the dairy farmers; provide calves access to clean, fresh water from the first day of life. The fresh feed should be provided daily.
It is recommended that the calves be weighed at birth, at weaning
Consumption recommendations:
Starter feed consumption is permitted for the 4-day-old calves until they are weaned (Calves are ready for weaning when they are achieving intakes of 1.5kg of solid feed over three consecutive days). Also in order to adapt the rumen microbial populations and to increase rumen and reticulum's intestinal villus growth, it is recommended to provide the calves with a small amount of high quality alfalfa leaves, alongside the starter.
Calf Starter Feed Analysis: 
 Dry Matter %88
 Crude Protein %19-20
 Calcium %0.7-0.8
 Phosphorus %0.5-0.6
 Metabolizable Energy Kcal/kg2800-3100