In line with development of activities related to the production of various ready-made feed, Saleh Kashmar's CEO decided to set up a unit for producing a variety of livestock, poultry and aquaculture supplements. This unit has an automatic production line with a weighing precision of 0.01 grams; so all the products could be traced during production.
Due to the fact that vitamins are very sensitive substances that should be kept in a dry and cool place, Saleh Kashmar's cold storage unit is designed and built with perfect insulation and cooling facilities.
 Broiler Supplement (0.5%) Maki Mix
 Breeder Supplement (0.5%) Maki Mix
 Layer Supplement (0.5%) Maki Mix
 Turkey Supplement (0.5 %) Maki Mix
 Partridge and Quail Supplement (0.5%) Maki Mix
 Ostrich Supplement  Maki Mix
 Horse Supplement  EQU Mix
 Dairy and Feedlot Cow Supplement Dami Mix
 Single-Vitamin Premixes for Livestock and Poultry Power Mix