Feedlot Concentrates (weight <40 kg)

Today, with the world’s growing population, the need for food has also increased. Animal protein products including red meat are one of the most important human needs. Livestock feedlotting is the most important method to increase meat production. Sheep feedlotting means fattening sheep and maximizing its weight to provide further meat. The fattening sheep have a different feeding and maintenance method than the other sheep. Sheep fattening is applied at a certain time and period; the sheep with the fastest growth rate are the most suitable livestock for fattening.
In order to obtain the most meat and spend the least money, young and healthy sheep should be chosen for fattening purpose. Older sheep waste time and money. Farmers should pay attention to those livestock that store more muscle tissues at higher rates of growth. Therefore, applying appropriate fattening methods and adhering to proper nutrition principles are the most important factors affecting sheep feedlotting.
Saleh Kashmar Sheep Feedlot Concentrate Features:
  • providing sheep nutritional requirements
  • High digestibility and palatability
  • Growth improvement
  • Improved reproductive performance and increased twinning
  • Increased efficiency and high profitability
  • Consider an adapting period for new concentrates
  • Increase the feeding times to 3 times a day
  • Start using concentrate with 250 gr per animal
  • If you are using concentrate feeds for the first time, vaccinate the sheep against enterotoxemia.
  • During the hot summer months, encourage the livestock to consume food during cooler hours of the day.
  • Provide the livestock with adequate clean and healthy water
  • The size of forage pieces should be uniform and between 3-3.5 cm (smaller or larger pieces will cause digestion and absorption disorders)
  • Apply formulated concentrates, fine-tuned in terms of energy, protein, required minerals and vitamins.
Recommended use:
This feed is practical for 3 months and older feedlotting lambs.
With regard to fattening period, it should be applied from 900 to 1700 grams per animal per day
Preparing and Using high quality fodder in feed is of great importance.