Lamb Strater Feed

Lamb starter feed is different from the feedlot concentrate. Lamb starter is a complete feed that has a significant role in lambs' growth and weight gain and finally leads to economic efficiency. Using lamb starter gives you immune lambs with healthy digestive system. It is recommended that lambs get accustomed to high quality feed as soon as possible and be fed and fattened with balanced rations after weaning. Lamb weaning weight is very important and must be at least twice the birthweight (provided that at least 250 grams of concentrate is consumed daily)
to be fed to two-week to three-month-old lambs 
In the second week after lamb’s birth, Feed 50 g concentrate per lamb daily, and gradually increase it to 250 g. Provide high quality alfalfa along with the concentrate.
Lamb Starter Feed Analysis
 Dry Matter %88
 Crude Protein %18.5-19
 Calcium %0.8-0.85
 Phosphorus %0.45-0.5
 NEG Mcal/kg1.45-1.6