Omega 3 Eggs

Genetic modification and genetically engineered animals have led to changes in the production, nutritional and reproductive mechanisms of livestock and poultry. Recent genetic professionals have only addressed the productive traits, regardless of traits such as resistance to diseases, health and safety. This has caused inevitable problems even in terms of the quality of manufactured products.
Fortunately, with the help of nutrition science, we can largely compensate for those disadvantages resulted by genetic modifications affecting the nature of the manufactured products. Also the amount of nutritional parameters such as essential fatty acids and minerals and vitamins could be Increased in animal products, which leads to improved livestock health and better productive performance.
Enriching dairy and protein products, not only provides human beings with essential omega-3 fatty acids and minerals, but it is also a kind of biological struggle with a variety of common and chronic diseases in modern societies. Besides, it helps improving consumers’ nutritional status, especially the elderly and the children.
Having a positive attitude towards protein consumption pattern change in Iran, Saleh Kashmar has been producing functional products, including antibiotic-free and omega-3 eggs.
The benefits of omega-3 eggs:
  • Due to the fact that omega-3 increases calcium absorption and facilitates calcium deposition in bone tissues, it can treat osteoporosis.
  • Omega 3 is also effective in treating depression, dry eye, easing menstrual cramps, preventing arteriosclerosis and reducing risk of breast cancers, ovarian cancers, prostate cancers and gastrointestinal cancers. Furthermore, it may help prevent Alzheimer's, asthma, attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity, migraine and acne.
  •  Omega-3 improves memory and mental capacity, prevents early aging, stabilizes insulin and blood sugar levels, increases growth hormone levels and boosts muscle growth. Omega-3 is recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as it also plays an important role in the development of the brain and the nervous system. With the consumption of omega-3, the body's resistance to all types of cancer increases. Omega-3 is the key to infants’ intelligence, so pregnant women should take it once or twice a week.