Omega Concentrate

Importance of concentrate for dairy cattle
Milk production in early lactation increases livestock’s needs for energy, protein, vitamins and minerals. Due to the fact that fodder alone cannot meet all these requirements, the use of concentrate is an essential and effective factor in increasing milk production during lactation. The lack of concentrate results in livestock weight loss and health disorders which finally leads to fertility declining in the next period.
Saleh Kashmar Pellet Concentrates:
  • Provide dairy cattle’s nutritional requirements for livestock
  • Improve reproductive performance
  • Increase productive herd life
  • keep herd record and improve milk composition
  • Lower metabolic diseases
  • Provide animal health
  • Increase digestibility and palatability
  • Increase and improve growth
  • Improve reproductive and twinning ability
Omega concentrate for dairy cattle at calving
During the last two months of pregnancy due to the embryo growth and the pressure on the rumen, the livestock consumes less feed; later and after calving, the amount of forage is gradually increased, but this amount is not enough for milk production; as a result, at least 55% of cattle ration must be consisted of concentrate. 
Omega concentrates are designed with a special and comprehensive formula to increase milk production, provide health and improve the herd fertility. Saleh Kashmar livestock concentrates are enriched with some special supplements and premixes. Considering livestock’s daily production, these concentrates are planned to provide livestock’s nutritional requirements, increase their health and keep dairy herds’ records. Therefore, it is recommended to use professional omega concentrates 3 to 4 weeks after calving.