In quail breeding, chicks should be given a special attention because they are very vulnerable in the very early days of birth and a temperature of 36-38 ° C in combination with some clean and oxygenated air is necessary for them. Quails also need 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light up to 5 weeks old. The quail has certain characteristics including rapid growth and early maturity, high egg production, shortening breeding season, high density of breeding per unit area, low sensitivity to some poultry diseases, high prices of meat and egg production, and especially the rapid return of capital, has led the quail to become a favorite bird to many breeders. Also due to its fast sexual maturity, the female quail is in its highest productivity at 40-50 days old. Saleh Kashmar has produced two types of quail feeds.

 Nutritional Requirement Fattening Layer
 Metabolizable Energy cal/kg 2920 2820
 Crude Protein 22-23 % 18-19%
 Crude Fiber 3.3 % 3.5 %
 Calcium 1.01 % 3.3 %
 Available Phosphorus 0.5 % 0.45 %
 Sodium 0.2 % 0.18 %
 Methionine 0.5-0.55 % 0.45 %
 Lysine 1.3-1.4 % 1.1-1.2 %