Super Starter (plus)

       Consumption Guidelines:
  • Warm up the house at least 24 hours before chicks’ arrival.
  • Put the feed into the feeder one hour before chicks’ arrival.
  • Provide more space for the waterers due to the high feed consumption and increased water intake.
  • Once the chicks have arrived, slowly and immediately distribute them around the waterer.
  • Access to water and drainage is the same.
  • The purpose of ventilation during the first early days is to provide sufficient quantities of oxygen and to eliminate the extra moisture.
  • At the end of the first week, select a sample for weighing.
    Super Starter Plus Analysis: 
 Requirements: Super Starter (plus)
 Metabolizable energy Kcal/kg 2950
 Crude Protein % 25
 Calcium % 1.05
 Available Phosphorus % 0.55
 Max. Crude Fiber % 3.2
 Linoleic Acid % 1.3
 Lysine % 1.4
 Methionine %  0.6
 Methionine + Cysteine (%) 1
 Threonine (%) 0.94
 Sodium (%)  0.18
 Consumption Form Micropellet
 Consumption Age First 48 hours